Thursday, July 14, 2005


Have you ever wondered what would have changed if you had done something just the slightest bit differently? Turned left instead of right, walked instead of riding a bicycle, had coffee at Second Cup instead of Starbucks? If you never have, you will after watching this film. Happenstance, or as the original title reads, Le Battement d'Ailes du Papillon (The Beating of Butterfly Wings) stars Audrey Tautou and Faudel, who play just one couple among many whose lives are altered by the most meaningless actions of others.

There's something really honest and quirky in the acting on the parts of all the major characters. I found that really appealing. The story was a bit hard to follow at the beginning, but that's typical of European film, I think - they don't exactly go for the North American journalistic approach. Most European movies I've seen have had the story unfold and develop without many overt clues as to what's coming later. The plot development seems much more subtle. I happen to love that.

The direction was really cool too... There were a lot of overhead shots, and some unorthodox angles in the camerawork. It made the movie more enjoyable to watch... at least for me, anyway. I wish I could have seen a little bit more character development in two of the three couples featured in the film, but I can also appreciate the open ending that leaves me to make my own decisions about how the characters ended up after the film.

I saw a similar film called Turn Left, Turn Right - it's Chinese and sort of follows the same concept. So, if you're looking for a similar story with fewer stories to follow and a little more closure, check that one out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Welcome to "Foreign Films are Better." The idea for this blog came to me the other night when I was thinking about how much I love foreign film as opposed to Hollywood (in general). Then I thought, why not toss in books as well? I like books. I like to discuss books. Since a lot of people who read my LiveJournal don't seem to take much of an interest in my media intake, I figured I'd just put that chatter somewhere else and leave my personal drama to LJ.

I hope you enjoy the posts that are to come here. Please don't hesitate to leave feedback.